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Hire Your Family or Friend To Care For You. They Get The Highest Hourly Pay From Amazing Home Care.

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Every year, Amazing Home Care employs thousands of at-home caretakers, paying them top dollar to take care of your daily needs. Backed by a New York Medicaid program called CDPAP, you can now choose your own caretaker, including family members, loved ones, or trusted companions.

Your caregiver will  earn the  HIGHEST hourly pay!

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All your questions answered!
Am I eligible?
Have Medicaid  
Live in 
New York 
Need help with day-to-day activities 
You are
ready to take charge of your care
 You most likely qualify! 
Who can
care for me? 
Your  Child 
Your  Neighbor  
Your  Relative 
Your  Friend  
Legal Spouse
Parent caring for a child under 21 
Designated Representative
Over 100,000 satisfied customers
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 Get Approved 
Our experienced staff streamlines the process.
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guide you through your enrollment in a plan
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Your loving caregiver arrives at your door
What is the CDPAP Program?
The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, or CDPAP, is a rapidly growing Medicaid program that allows New Yorkers with disabilities or chronic conditions to keep control over their own home care. You choose who will be your paid caregiver, even family or friends. You can train them to your standards and schedule them to your needs. 
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Amanda M., CDPA 
Amazing has given me the chance to live out my dream of caring for people. I truly enjoy coming to work. My patient is like family. We go on walks, share meals, enjoy good laughs, and visit her grandkids together. I also appreciate that Amazing gives me flexibility and all the support I need.
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